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Top 10 Gym Shoes on Amazon for under $100

Top 10 Gym Shoes on Amazon for Under $100 Even if your gym activities do not involve hardcore training regimes, you still need to wear the appropriate footwear not only to prevent injuries but also to make the exercise more comfortable. And the good thing is that you can find plenty of quality shoes for just under $100 on Amazon. Here are just a few of them for men and women. MEN

1 Nike Retaliation Trainer Cross -

Flywire technology has been available since 2008. If a company offers any particular product or design for more than a decade, you can be sure that it is indeed working as expected. The Retaliation Trainer Cross by Nike also comes with the time-tested Flywire design combined with mesh upper for added breathability. The rubber outsole is solid for better grip regardless of where you train. 2 Adidas Powerlift 4 -

Thanks to its simplistic construction and affordability, the Powerlift shoe range continues to be one of the most popular product lines from Adidas. While the Powerlift 4 has the same high density outsole and midsole as its predecessor, it comes with new reinforced material for the laces and surrounding area of the mid-foot. Canvas construction on outer layer has been updated as well. 3 Reebok Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe -

Let us make one thing clear: the Lifter Pr by Reebok has never been designed for professional weightlifting, despite the name. The shoes are made for entry-level weightlifter or even more casual gym enthusiasts. With an excessively dense midline yet flexible outside edges, Lifter Pr performs well for its intended use. It does not feel awkward when used for jogging either.

  1. 4 Under Armour Commit Tr Ex Cross Trainer Sneaker -

Sometimes you just need a versatile pair of shoes for just about every activity; this is where Commit Tr Ex by Under Armour comes in. It comes equipped with lightweight mesh upper (with leather saddle) for better stability, Charged Cushioning technology for more responsive fit, and 4D Foam sockliner. The rubber in the outsole is well-placed to cover major impact zones, while the flex-grooves are ergonomically placed for improved flexibility. 5 Nike Metcon 4 -

It does seem that Nike is very proud of the Metcon 4. The company itself claims that it is the most durable cross-training shoe line ever. Metcon 4 comes with not only refreshed but also reinforced textured print from top to bottom. Sticky rubber in the forefoot gives great traction for training and running, while the six eyelets provide more accurate lacing. Of course, Metcon 4 also has a wide range of color combinations for every activity and style. WOMEN 1 Nike Flex Trainer 9 Sneaker -

With synthetic upper, breathable mesh, and supportive platform, the Flex Trainer 9 is certainly not for the most intensive high-impact gym exercise. However, these are excellent shoes for circuit training or any other low-impact activities. Midsole is EVA foam, while the outsole is durable rubber. There is also padded collar for a better fit. 2 Nike in-Season Trainer 7 Cross -

If a combination of lightweight and stability is what you are after, then Nike has the answer. Designed to be a versatile shoe line, the in-Season Trainer 7 comes with ultra-flexible outsole and single-layer mesh upper. Midsole is dual-density foam for more comfortable yet powerful cushioning.

3 Balance Spk V1 FuelCore Cross Trainer -

Designed to be both performance-inspired and style-oriented design at the same time, the Spk V1 FuelCore Cross Trainer by New Balance gives all-day comfort without sacrificing its own performance as sportswear. The sole features clean modern side profile combined with slip-on upper. Rubber is strategically placed for improved traction and stability.

4 Adidas Performance Triple Cheer Shoe -

Another excellent blend of performance and styles in footwear comes in the form of Performance Triple Cheer Show by Adidas. The midsole will take just about every jump and kick, while the rubber outsole is grooved to prevent slipping on indoor surface. These shoes feature low-profile style for everyday wear too.

5 Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 V2 Sneaker -

It is the most stripped-back training shoe in the Bare-EX range by Inov-8. The shoe is designed to provide as natural fit as possible while still delivering effective grip and durability. Your feet are brought closer to the ground, making it ideal for light gym activities or any non-strenuous indoor workout.

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