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Best running shoes according to amazon

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

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RUNNING SHOES Asics is a known name in athletic shoe market. It consistently works towards contesting for a greater market share with its innovative designs and shoe engineering. Despite number of new entrants into this space, Asics still dominates a portion of market share. This post is to discuss in detail about running shoes known by the name of Asics Men’s Gel Ventures 5. Not every shoe falling in sports category is good for running. Runners look for special comfort and features in any shoe that they buy. They need arch support in middle of shoe and enough toe support to ensure easiness in running. With plush cushioning underfoot mechanism, Asics Men’s Gel ventures 5 is perfect for outdoor adventures. Here are reasons why you will not be disappointed with this model by Asics: Precise fit and durability: The shoes are made with precision as they hug your feet in a very comfortable manner. Asics is known for investing their money and talent towards enhancing responsiveness and reducing muscle fatigue while running. The sturdiness and durability of Asics are not worth doubting. Available in many colours: Often in running shoes, you tend to struggle with colours. You want to buy a new pair because the old one has worn out, but you end up buying same colours in different models! Available in many contrasts, these shoes make heads turn with its everlasting appeal. Grey and black combined with other colours such as blue, red and orange give them a classy look. If you are worrying about fading, chuck your fears! The colours are sturdy like the material and won’t fade away even if you let them drench in heavy rains! Overall support: The EVA foam and Gel technology supports the feet and doesn’t allow shock (due to foot strike) to resonate back into the body. Its shock absorption feature is due to softer material closer to the ground to deform and cushion. Also, to provide efficient stride, its design offers optimal toe spring angle in the forefront. With heel and toe cap shields, this is categorised as one of the soothing and safe shoes to wear for hiking, trekking and running activities. Breathable: The surface of the shoe is made up of breathable mesh material for your feet to breathe while you are sweating all over. It provides excellent ventilation and won’t lead to any discomfort in both summers and winters. The physical discomfort and the odd smell which you get because of an overheated foot doesn’t happen in this shoe! But breathable mesh doesn’t raise any fingers on its durability! It is tightly woven to provide overall structural support to the feet. Weight: With a weight of 303 grams, this pair of shoes falls under lightweight category. You might find other shoes in this weight range and hence, we won’t say its weight is extraordinary light but is decent. If you are looking for a shoe which has an amazing correlation between style and comfort, then look no further. You shoes speaks about your personality so let the shoe do the talking!

Get your pair on Amazon here:

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